Greetings to those who I can only assume are strangers!

I'm Chad Munn, the artist and designer who's web page you've found yourself on. Welcome!

I'm an artist with about 16 years of professional and freelance experience. I've been a fine artist (that is to say- I use my hands and physical skills to create art) since I was about six and discovered the world of digital art when I was around 16. I started working on websites for my art right around 1998 and have been having a blast ever since. I turned to animation for a number of years, had a great time doing that, then moved on to illustrations and only a few years ago- graphic novels.

I write as well, nothing you've read (unless you're a hacker) but those projects usually lead to comics or adventures for role playing groups. As you may have picked up on from some of the pieces here, I'm a bit of a nerd. Not in the hipster way- I was nerdy when nerdy was just nerdy. But it made for some amazing inspiration and creativity.

Today I do freelance work, customizing and realizing whatever my client tells me they're looking for. In my own time I work on my graphic novel and web site (this) when I have the chance. I have a beautiful daughter that graced my wife and I's life a few years back and my free free time is largely dedicated to those two wonderful people and video gaming with friends when there's a spare moment.

Please browse around and send me an email if you'd like; it's great to hear from new friends.

Thanks and Enjoy,